How to Use the Dialog Engine to Add Synonyms to a Slot

Gambling Jun 10, 2022

The Dialog Engine recognizes multiple words and phrases for the same slot. For example, the entity value New York has synonyms Big Apple and NYC. To add synonyms, check the Allow Synonyms checkbox. Next to the slot type value, find the Enter synonym field and click X. The synonym will be added to the slot. You can use a synonym for a particular entity value. You can also add synonyms for any combination of words.


Since fruit symbols are a popular part of many slot games, they have been around for quite a while. In the UK, they are known as fruit machines, and their use is ubiquitous. Today, we rarely think twice about them on our favorite slots, although there is no denying that they have a long and colorful history. These symbols appear in both online and land-based machines. They are most often associated with winnings and prizes – a key aspect of the game.


The return to player (RTP Hari ini) is not the only statistic of interest. The probabilities of winning different payouts are equally important. Consider a hypothetical slot machine with a dozen pay tables. If every time you put in money, the probabilities of winning the highest payout are zero. On average, you will win about $90 every time you play the machine. If all payouts were zero, the game would be very boring. The winnings would be deceptive.

Random number generator

Most casino slots use a random number generator to pick the winning number every time a player makes a spin. These machines are often video slots with 20 to 40 paylines and multiple coin options. Moreover, many of these machines have bonus games, which increase the odds of winning. These machines also allow players to bet multiple coins per line, which makes them more profitable. Many of these machines also offer different levels of payoffs, such as multipliers, re-spins, and other additional features.

Bonus rounds

You may have wondered if bonus rounds on slot machines are worth playing. Whether they’re fun or boring depends on how they’re designed. Many slots offer multiple bonus rounds, which vary in win density and payout potential. In the study below, researchers conducted a survey of 23 university students and noted the effect of embedded bonus rounds on response allocation. Those who played machines with embedded bonus rounds allocated more responses to the main game. But is this really a good idea?

Placement of coins

The coin insertion portion of a self-settlement apparatus includes a structure similar to that of the above-described coin insertion slot. To use the self-settlement apparatus, the customer inserts the desired coin into the coin insertion slot 232. The remainder of the coin is then removed and placed back in the customer’s wallet. This self-settlement apparatus may be used in a variety of applications.